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We the Plug, having moved from our previous bathtub gallery, are pleased to announce Foshing with Dohn by Daniel Kent, our inaugural exhibition in a dumpster.  Tubb Plug, as a gallery in a bathtub, was connected to the city by pipes and water ways. Plug Dumpster is similarly connected with New York's municipal ecosystem of garbage removal.


Foshing with Dohn attendees will be allowed to fish in dumpsters using several rods that Kent has "fingermade" for the occasion of finding life in the garbage. Fishing for recreation has been a recent city hobby of Kent, who hails from landlocked Edmonton, Canada. He sees the activity as analogous to our scroll down pastimes, with the rods of our phones, scrolling the line down through garbage. Analog but online also feels opposite to the dopamine released of the fisherperson's brain. The world is dumpster, but pearls abound. Kent has been crying human tears on every object in Foshing with Dohn to anoint and invite spirits and viewers to and into the plug and the work.

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