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1994 BMW 325i. clean title/titulo limpio


 Modern Love. Pssht, I wanted a 1985 300D Mercedes Benz to do the whole bio diesel treehugging shit. You know, a real fuel effiecient machine. I ended up with a 1994 BMW 325i. I loved it, warts and all. You'll find in life that you can't always get what you want. She treated me well. She always took me where I needed to be in air conditioned luxury. Her title is clean. So is her transmission and engine. The clutch might go at any moment and a new front control arm as well as rear bearings are needed. The interior needs TLC too. Acceptance of the unavoidable scars and mishaps of the human condition is a must. This car is a mechanic's special. No question. It belongs in the hands of someone who is honest, desires truth, and is willing to work through the bullshit life may bring. She is a perfect racer and handles well (after you put the money in). If you are willing to commit to five years of cleaning up bagage and racing down Krome, this car is your soul mate.  


Are you ready for the next five years? 




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